What a pleasure! From beginning to end. My life long battle against the saddle bags both sides of my hips was ended within 3 hours.

The moment I stepped off the table they were gone, nothing there. Unbelievable! No registration at a hospital early in the morning, no anesthetic, hardly any pain.

Just like a visit to the salon, in and out. After 14 days all the bruising had gone. For the first time in decades I can take a pair of pants off the rail, pay for it and go home, Without even trying it on. No despondent feeling of leaving the shop empty handed after trying On 9 pairs without any joy.

I’m looking forward to enjoying the beach in my bathing suit for the first time in years And to walk to the water with confidence. Not being afraid of embarrassing my children. My aim was not to look like a model, I just wanted to lose the ‘bags’, they made my figure Look sloppy, no matter what i wore. So my hips and upper legs down to my knees were done.

I had surprisingle little pain. The night after the procedure I took 1 Myprodol and later that night 2 Panados, and that was the total. Of course the area was sensitive, but nothing I couldn’t Cope with. I started driving the second day after the procedure was done.

Now I’m motivated to work hard at the gym in order to tone the rest of my body , because i have A head-start and it is realistic to expect to see a change. In the past the ‘bags’ would still sit There, so what was the point?

The after care was really good, with the doctor checking in daily and regular visits to her. This was the best money I ever spent in my life.

Jacoba, 62 years old

I have recently had Vaser Liposuction with Dr Barlodien Kotze, in an effort to reclaim my waistline and rid myself of my “love handles” (nice name for pockets of fat!).

The whole experience was extremely professional, from the first consultation to the several aftercare visits.

The procedure itself was pain free, but uncomfortable. Although I was fully aware throughout the two hour procedure. I never felt any anxiety, but, in fact was constantly comforted by the caring, concern and chat of Dr. Kotze and her very competent assistant.

From the first day I never had to take anything stronger than Paracetamol to relieve the discomfort, and I could resume my daily routine almost immediately .

After 3 weeks I can see a definite improvement in my shape, and in spite of the minor irritation of a compression garment, I am flying overseas for a two week holiday.

Happy, 73 years old