2301, 2014

Pamper Me Now

23rd Jan 2014|

I was recently invited to try out a couple of Vaser Shape treatments at Sculptique. Scluptique is an aesthetic practice situated in Wynberg, founded by Dr Barlodien Kotze, an aesthetic practitioner, with a passion for expressing herself through the art of facial rejuvenation and body sculpting. They are the ONLY clinic in South Africa with the Vaser Shape machine, so it’s still a hidden gem that [...]

3107, 2012

Fab Abs: The Beckham Effect

31st Jul 2012|

Article by Kyla Annear, Marketing Manager of Sound Aesthetics If there is one thing we know about men, it’s that they are built to compete. Few of them like to show vulnerability, particularly at the workplace. Think about it. When was the last time you heard a guy admit at the office that he had made a mistake? Or asked advice from a junior employee? How [...]

707, 2010

Ligter lipo boonop nie so seer

7th Jul 2010|

Sukkel jy met probleem­ areas waar die vetjies hardnekkig bly vasklou ten spyte van jou hardste oefensessies? Vaser Lipo­prosedures, ’n taamlik nuwe prosedure wat nog net ’n jaar in Suid­-Afrika beskikbaar is, is ’n opsie as die tradisi­ onele liposuigprosedure te ingrypend klink, skryf CARLA VAN NIEKERK. Roshana Jansen (33) van Johannesburg het einde verlede maand vir Vaser Lipo-behandelings gegaan op on- der meer haar bo- [...]