Fab Abs: The Beckham Effect

2018-11-03T23:29:44+02:0031st Jul 2012|

Article by Kyla Annear, Marketing Manager of Sound Aesthetics If there is one thing we know about men, it’s that they are built to compete. Few of them like to show vulnerability, particularly at the workplace. Think about it. When was the last time you heard a guy admit at the office that he had made a mistake? Or asked advice from a junior employee? How often do you hear a guy acknowledge that he didn’t know the answer to something in a meeting? I think you’ll agree that it’s a rare occurrence – as rare as Halley’s comet in actual fact. The office provides an interesting dynamic for men. Today the older generation has to compete even more with younger men who may appear to know it all, or seem to be ahead of the pack [...]